Meet Kimberly...

As the manager at Navaho Coffee, Kimberly has an incredible passion for coffee and customer experience. She comes from a creative background, having studied a degree in Glass and Ceramics Kimberly she loves to have an artistic approach to her coffees. She loves to challenge herself wherever possible, both in terms of her coffee knowledge and the way she manages the shop day to day. As a true people-person, Kimberley loves her customers and really cares that they have a great experience at Navaho.

Kimberly came to Navaho Coffee to widen her knowledge and skills within the coffee industry; her progression has been tremendous since being here. Her ambition is to teach others about coffee and to pass on her enthusiasm.

Meet Chris...

A professional barista for over ten years, Chris has amassed a wealth of experience and knowledge. A two-time UKBC competitor, the 2011 NECTA Young Barista of the Year, and a trainer for other barista competitors over the years, his passion for coffee in unquestionable.

In his spare time, Chris self publishes books for role playing games, such as Dungeons and Dragons.

Meet Sophie...

Sophie is a trainee barista and since being here her skills have progressed massively. She is currently studying Chemistry at Newcastle University. 

Sophie came to Navaho with minimal experience and in the five months she has been here her passion for coffee has grown along with her skills. She loves learning about coffee, but also getting to know our customers. She loves working at Navaho because it’s something completely different to her degree and she loves meeting new people she wouldn’t otherwise get to know. Navaho has massively helped her gain confidence in herself and her ability to learn new skills.